Meet Xoli, a seven-year-old girl who is dealing with life after the death of her parents to Covid-19. Help her through stages of her grief as she battles the monsters of sadness, depression, anger, frustration, worry and fear in this exciting and different 2D action platformer that has its foundation on the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a form of psychotherapy and a branch of clinical psychology.




Game Features


The game will tackle different psychological effects of Covid-19 presented in chapters that will be released individually. Since this will be a free game, each chapter release date will depend on grants and funding recieved for its development with each funding body having its logo displayed on the game title screen. 

Chapter I: Sadness – STATUS:  FUNDED by

Chapter II: Frustration  – STATUS: UNFUNDED

Chapter III: Worry  – STATUS: UNFUNDED

Chapter IV: Depression  – STATUS: UNFUNDED

Chapter V: Anxiety  – STATUS: UNFUNDED

Chapter VI: Anger  – STATUS: UNFUNDED







This game has its foundations in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (or ACT), a psychological approach which encourages people to embrace their thoughts and feelings rather than pushing them away or feeling guilty for them; this can be particularly useful when dealing with intense emotions or uncontrollable situations.

For the development of this game everyone invloved was required to take the course  COVID-19: Helping Young People Manage Low Mood and Depression prepared by the University of Reading.


If you would like to donate for the development of any chapter of this game please feel free to contact us using the form below.


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