What We Do

We exist to excite progress in leading organisations

Our Story

Beautiful things are not born easily. They are almost always the result of vision, consistent smart hard work and sometimes a serendipitous last-minute idea that burst everything to life. Our humble story began with the simple quest of helping a nephew understand his homework by making an outdated schoolbook staple become an interactive learning digital experience.


Since then, we’ve fought through numerous mind numbing, heart hardening obstacles to establish a creative organisation that champions African growth through digital and technological experiences that utilise our core competencies [Link to What we Do].

Today, Dream Box is more than just a creative organisation. We are one team, a family full of dozens of talented creative and innovative people for whom creating digital experiential and technological solutions is more than just work – It’s what we love and enjoy.


We are ambitious and pride ourselves in charting a bold way forward for our continent out of change, challenge, and disruption!


Our toolbox of talent is the super-power we use to help facilitate your growth. Our attitude is to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in – finding creative solutions to your problems through digital and technological experiences that utilize our core competencies.


With over 11 awards and nominations from as far as Silicon Valley, Amsterdam, and Nigeria we have a seasoned animation team and production workflow that has seen us work with clients across time zones from Texas to London. We produce quality animated videos that get your story across and explain even lengthy information in an understandable way.


For presentations, shows, exhibitions and launches, we create experiences across digital and physical environments that use latest technologies. From augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to robots and interactive terminals, we employ a new class of immersive engagement with limitless potential in marketing and educational sectors. We build exciting, fully interactive experiences for brands and events.

e-Learning & Gamification

From publishers to schools and corporates, we possess an unparalleled approach to e-Learning applications and platforms that combines the highest levels of creativity with curriculum-based content, giving a finessed immersive experience to learners.

Web-based Platforms

We possess almost a decade worth of experience creating web-based systems for organisations in fields such as finance, education, infrastructure development and insurance helping reach your audience across many media moments.


From social videos, video reports, documentaries, TV shows and video case-studies, we create video content that tells stories rich in emotion and diversity.

Our Philosophy

What we live & Breathe

We exist to excite progress across leading organisations through digital media and technological experiences. To achieve this, we believe in protecting and advancing your values and interests within a global community through awareness and pioneering of ideas as well as technologies that educate and empower.


We look across the world for lessons, to the future for trends, but act here and in the now. We adapt and apply global solutions to your audience through our culture of curiosity and diverse ideas.

Why Work With Us?

We Know What We’re Doing…

With our accomplishments, experience and clients as our testimony, over the years we have put tried and tested frameworks in place to ensure that every hour and dollar spent is done so efficiently thus reducing risk.

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